Victoria Yakusha is Ukrainian designer and architect, an author of numerous residential and public interiors, the head of Yakusha Design studio.

She is the holder of 15 national and international awards. Since 2002 she has been implementing projects of varying complexity in Ukraine and abroad.

The basic principles of work are laconism, naturalness and functionality in everything.
Advantages of working with us
We design interiors that are beyond time. Our team of architects has innovative thinking and offers only relevant solutions.
Great experience
More than 10 years of experience allows us effectively solve the most difficult problems. We do not just "draw pictures", but embody our projects.
Full cycle
We have our own furniture production and construction organization, thus saving up to 20% of budget and time.
Our services
We take care of a project in full: architectural design, design-project development, procurement, architect's supervision.
Our experience with Victoria Yakusha allowed to appreciate the importance of the professional design and fully understand what a true professional design is. Apartment renovation, which we had done with Victoria, was the 4th for us. We invited designers in 2 previous projects also.

Understanding that the design is not just a beautiful visualization and the selection of one style came to us only during the last renovation. Victoria not only caught our preferences for aesthetics correctly (which, it is noteworthy, we formulated rather indistinctly), but she also created a surprisingly comfortable space from the point of view of ergonomics and life.
Malinovskaya A.
Performance Business Director Publicis One Ukraine
We`d like to say thank you very much, Victoria! We dreamed about our own house for a long time. We made a project, built the walls, but then ... We were lucky! Victoria came to our assistance! She made a project that tailored to our preferences and looked harmoniously, the project with carefully designed technical aspects and details, stylish and tasteful!

The house was cozy and beautiful! We and our guests really like it! Victoria is an interesting, cheerful person, a true PROFESSIONAL, she is always ready to help in any matter, even when formal relations are over.
V.N. & L.E.
It was great to work with you, and it's a pity you left for Kiev. Considering the insistence on high standards and my perfectionism, it is very difficult to achieve the desired result. But in fact, the house that Vicka did is my favorite one.
Zadvorny M.
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