Inspiration is everywhere, all you need to do is just look with your eyes wide open.
Viktoria Yakusha: designer, architect, CEO of Yakusha design studio.
Viktoria is the author of all studio concepts and she personally monitors every project.

— I design and implement the project from 2 to 12 months. During this time I study my clients: their habits, routine, life standards, so everything in the house or at a large facility was thought out.

— I like working with clients when we develop each other. As a rule, these people are self-actualized. They have experience, money and status. Usually it's such people who choose me.

The method of my work is quite strict: I always persuade my client, if I see that results will be bad. I will not take on the "ugly" project for money. Pleasure, the joy of perfection cannot be measured in money.

My purpose is to develop a taste without imposing modern trends that come and go. An architect forms a vision, views and space. And by forming space, you form a worldview, and not only your own one. Our clients understand this.

Sometimes you have to be tough

— At the construction stage, a woman architect always needs to gain credibility from a foreman, because he is afterall «an expert who worked for 20 years at a construction site». And what can a «woman» tell him, even the one who implemented the projects recognized by foreign architects? Yes, at home I am the mother of three children. But when on the site I clearly assign obligations and areas of responsibility.

Laconism, naturalness, functionality

— I like working with natural materials: greenery, wood, wool.
Also I love laconic forms a lot and create laconic interiors. I don't like when the interior is jumbled, and make it "emotionally pure", so that the image is understandable.

Laconism, naturalness, functionality – this is Yakusha design.
And the main source of inspiration is nature.
When at foreign exhibitions they ask me about the peculiarities of Ukrainian design, I show my «FAINA» - a collection of furniture in the style of ethnominimalism. In Italy, in 2015, it was a success at Bologna Design Week. Italians were surprised by the fact that there is a stylish design in Ukraine.

Victoria Yakusha
Architect, CEO
Serhii Chornousov
Olena Naidientseva
Vladislav Baranov
Interior Designer
Alisa Tiramisova
Product Designer
Tatiana Franchuk
Brand Manager
In 2015 the author's course of Viktoria Yakush «S v Kube» is based. Throughout the course Viktoria is sharing her decade-long experience with young designers.
The course consists of 11 lessons and is held twice a year. During the training students not only listen to Victoria's lectures, but also work with customers and carry out real projects.
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