Architectural design
We like to create modern and eco-friendly architecture. We learn a lot from nature, from the landscape, from the city, which define what dimensions could be entered into this environment. With each object we are on the increase and strive to create an organic and functional architecture.
Заявка на архитектурное проектирование
Architectural design has 3 basic phases
Schematic Design
We create a project based on client`s preferences and technical feasibilities. The schematic design includes: 3D visualization, master plan, floor plans and elevations in color.
Working design
At this stage, we give all the construction documents necessary for the implementation of the project: the bill of drawings, general data, elevation materials plan, elevations, visualization of floor plans, exterior renderings, master plan of the house, floor plans with material details, roof plan, sections, brickwork plan, drawings for window and door frames, flooring schedule, room finish schedule, layout of decorative elements of the elevations, estimates of construction materials.
Architect`s supervision
Monitoring of the proper implementation of the project, inclusion of corrections and additions into construction documents, as well as consultancy of the builders and a client. More details.
Cost of working design: starting at 30 $ / m2
Cost of schematic design: starting at 10 $ / m2
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