House Cube
The main idea of this house, which is located in a pine forest, is to preserve the natural landscape.
This house was designed for a young family with three children, who prefer an active lifestyle. When the house was built, the design project was fully approved, and the finishing works were in full swing, they found out that they were waiting for the third child. That is why both children's rooms with the possibility of "populating", as well as in the room of the boy, and in the girl's room, could be added one more berth. Kitchen, dining room and living room are combined in one open space.
To keep oneness with nature, one of the walls is a solid window, due to which the house is filled with daylight and allows you to enjoy the view outside the window. In addition, this decision increased the rather narrow space of the room.
The house is built in the style of eco-minimalism, on the floor - oak boards, curtains and bedspreads made of 100% wool, hemp instead of bedside tables.
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