Procurement is a service package of material purchase and quality control of a contractor`s work. Procurement is necessary for the effective design-project implementation.
List of works:
  1. Organization of timely material procurement.
  2. Dealing with reclamations.
  3. Monitoring of the best offers on the market.
  4. Checking the availability of products and terms of delivery.
Advantages of working with us:
We clearly see the possibility of the idea realization, and we are responsible for our work.
We rationally approach to the construction estimating and offer advantageous options.
We have our own furniture production and construction organization, thus saving up to 20% of budget and time.
Over the years we have earned the confidence and the best conditions from many manufacturers, and we give them to our client, so that he/she gets the most advantageous offer.
Cost of service: 10% of material`s cost
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